Kumakaba: Sassa crushes silly song about silly crushes


To be honest, we got heartbroken when supreme R&B royalty Kyla left her home PolyEast Records. But at least now, we’ve stopped ugly crying since someone stepped in to be one of the label’s soulful flagbearer – the The Voice Kids Philippines alum Sassa!

She recently released the official music video of her first real single, Kumakaba and we do get the vibes of the early Kyla. The song sounds like throwback R&B (therefore, we love it), and Sassa’s voice just gives it justice and cred. It pleasantly throws us off that technique-wise, someone so young can sound so mature in a song so light and breezy. Never knew a song about high school crushing can be this soulful.

Here’s the music video that’s full of awkwardness – but we assume it’s meant to be that way, cause it’s a song about, uhm, awkwardness.

And good job on those pop star dance moves, Sassa! We’ll definitely watch out for you!


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