Alamak! Will Kris Aquino be in the Crazy Rich Asians movie? The clues so far

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Yesterday, Kris Aquino posted this on Instagram that she’s flying to the US to sign her contract for a major Hollywood Studio movie. This post set alarms ringing in the minds of Pinoy Crazy Rich Asians fans. Could she be starring in the movie adaptation of the Kevin Kwan novel?

For a year, i experienced rejections. A part of my spirit broke. There were 2 shows i lost because hiring an Aquino for TV was a political risk not worth taking… But something happened March 23, 2017- a Tony & Grammy award winning Broadway producer, Jhett Tolentino contacted me through Cong. Len Alonte and Manang Nene Chan. He was helping a Filipino-Chinese-American agent friend of his reach me to ask if I’d want to audition for a big Hollywood studio movie about to start filming. The pressure was I had to submit my reel in 72 hrs. I felt I had nothing to lose, so we went for it. 48 hrs after Jhett’s call, on March 25 we mounted an audition shoot in Manila Peninsula. Thank you ARMADA, Direk Ricky Villabona, Jules Dacanay, DOP Shayne Sarte & her team, Juan Sarte, Nante Alingasa, Kimi Yap, my finance guru Nicko Falcis, Alvin, and the entire Kris Online team, plus Atty Joji’s Quantum Post Production for the unwavering faith. We shot, they immediately edited & color graded, both my audition scenes & video BIO. Sunday we sent the high definition material. And we waited. And PRAYED. Tonight I fly to Los Angeles to meet Chris Lee, my agent to sign my contract. I passed 5 levels of intense scrutiny and was offered a role. It is surreal to be reading the script from a major Hollywood studio watermarked on every page with my name. I signed a non disclosure agreement so until they reveal my participation I can’t share any details about the movie & my role. But today Easter Sunday- I wanted you to know my story… I pray it gives you encouragement & hope. I am proof that in life doors will shut & there will be heartbreaking setbacks but FAITH in God’s plan will open new, unexpected doors. We just need to trust in His Love, Provision, Restoration & Perfect Timing. Grace is unmerited; it’s God’s Gift we humbly receive with a heart overflowing with Gratitude. To my siblings & sons- I share this blessing w/ you. THANK YOU for being my strength. ❀️

A post shared by πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Kris Aquino (@krisaquino) on Apr 15, 2017 at 11:56pm PDT

Let’s read some clues!

CLUE 1: Kris said it’s a “big Hollywood studio movie about to start filming”. Warner Brothers, no doubt a big Hollywood studio, is set to start production of the movie April 2017, meaning… this month!

CLUE 2: Kris Aquino has been reading the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy!Β If this is going to be a franchise, she could be really studying her role right?

In case you want some book suggestions- I re-read @kevinkwanbooks #CrazyRichAsians and #ChinaRichGirlfriend to refresh my memory before diving into the world of #RichPeople Problems- what an awesome, thoroughly researched trilogy & sobrang nakaka proud because the beauty of our Palawan is highlighted in the 3rd installment πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­. I think some of you already know that I am @jamespattersonbooks number 1 fan, and @mary.higgins.clark is my grown up version of Nancy Drew. These 6 books I included in this post I’m hoping to finish during the rest of our vacation. For me the perfect way to recharge is to lounge by the beach, reading while listening to classical music under a tiki umbrella. πŸ–πŸ‘“πŸ“–πŸŽΌπŸŽΉπŸŽ»πŸ˜Š

A post shared by πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Kris Aquino (@krisaquino) on Apr 10, 2017 at 12:39am PDT

CLUE 3: Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asian author followed Kris Aquino on Instagram! Might as well get to know the people bringing his characters to life, right?

If these assumptions are real (we could just be over-reading these “clues”), what could be Kris Aquino’s role in the movie? We think she can pull off the unhappily married Fiona Cheng. Or, will she just be one of Eleanor Young’s (Michelle Yeoh) circle of chismosa rich auntie friends? Speaking of chismosa, how about the role of ultimate elite circle chismosa, Cassandra Shang?

So far, the only confirmed cast-members of the Crazy Rich Asians movie aside from Yeoh are Constance Wu (Rachel Chu), Henry Golding (Nick Young), Gemma Chan (Astrid Leong) and Sonoya Mizuno (Araminta Lee).


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