OPM Album of the Week: After All This Time, Itchyworms (2013)

Itchyworms After All This Time Album Artwork

Itchyworms’ After All This Time reminds us of Eraserheads’ Fruitcake release. Both are bold concept albums, intelligent, creative and well-crafted. Both also took risks, deviating from the usual style that got their respective bands massive commercial success.

But After All This Time is shorter and sweeter. Yet it is a delight to listen to from start to finish as it tells a story – in a very visual way. Yes, there is music that gives listeners mental imagery and this album does that effectively, it’s goosebumps-inducing at some points.

The album tells the life of a Jun Galvez, a guy who won the lottery so he bought a ship that brought him to the moon. Part futuristic sci-fi and part life and heartbreak metaphor, the story gives listeners a musical trip to the moon with songs that mixes, matches and bends multiple sounds and genres.

After All This Time sounds experimental but it also feels unrestrained and free. It is an independent release, (distributed through mobile phone service provider Talk ‘N Text who’s just signed the band as its endorser) and even its distribution system is far from the ordinary – copies are given for free when one buys Talk ‘N Text products in events and roadshows around the country.

The song “After All This Time” is the lead single in this album, and it features drummer Jazz Nicolas on lead vocals. He shares vocal tasks with front man Jugs Jugueta throughout the album. The album also features guest performances by Pepe Smith (in the refreshed cover of Juan Dela Cruz’ Panahon) and believe it or not, radio legend Rey Langit

After All This Time is a collection of well-written and well-executed tracks and it is surprisingly an excellent album.

Track List:

1. “Countdown”
2. “After All This Time”
3. “Ayokong Tumanda”
4. “Gliding in an Azure Reverie”
5. “Panahon”
6. “Life Sequence”
7. “Huwag na Sana ‘kong Gumising Mag-Isa”
8. “My Jolly Old Buddy”
9. “Rainy Day”
10. “Lost in Space”

After All This Time is also available on iTunes

Itchyworms Album Launch After All This Time
Itchyworms performs the songs from After All This Time at their album launch party at 70s Bistro.


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