The Voice of the Philippines First Live Show – Live Blog: Vote for Maring victims!

Hello there! Long time, no see. Tonight we’re going back to live blogging. This time, we’re doing The Voice of the Philippines.

TVOP is generally miles better than The X Factor Philippines – from the set, to the judging panel and of most importantly, the pool of talent. That’s why we don’t understand why they had to devote episodes on backstories and sob story gimmicks. Anyway… click on the link please and let’s get started on what matters! This is The Voice!

It’s the first live shows, we are reminded. So expext some fresh clothes for the judges.First, an opening number with the mentors and the artists. They’re singing Balita by ASIN which we will immediately discover is The APL song version. And Team Apl comes in! Go curly haired black girl.

Bamboo raps something and introduces Kamp Kawayan. All of the are in shades of black.

Then here’s Sarah Geronimo with Tag Ulan by Afterimage. She introduces her team and then it’s the first time there’s actual harmony on stage.

Enter Lea Salonga in her trademark red blazer – and the whole Team Lea is in red too.

There are too many dancers on stage and we can barely see anyone but Kimpoy Mainit finds ways to make himself be seen.

Toni Gonzaga comes in and her cleavage comes out. She reminds us that viewers have the power to vote which, based on history of talent shows in the Philippines, spells trouble.

Robi and Alex. Meh.

Why is Toni always in pageant dresses? Ok here she is now explaining the voting mechanics through the very lucrative text and vote cards. BUT proceeds will go to Maring victims so all is well in the world, I guess?

Daryl Shy of Team Lea opens the live show with Danny’s Song – true to his folk roots. He sings and plays well but it’s just an easy, kinda lazy performance not big enough for the occasion. Shows like this usually like to start the show with a bang and halfway through the song, nothing special is happening.

Lea proclaims her happiness saying it’s the best she’s heard him sing the song. “Your wife is a very lucky woman! That was gorgeous”

Comeback diva Radha is next with River Deep Mountain High. Soulful and sassy, exactly what you expect from her. It’s good that she’s doing ad libs here and there cause it’s already verging on predictable. And we think she fell short in that last note. She’s panting.

Sarah once again fangirls all over her. Lea says she took a risk. She says she outshined everybody else on stage which is a good thing, she says.

Then it’s Teal Lea’s RJ Dela Fuente with I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders. Lea is honest in saying he’s the one that has the most to prove.

Generic singing so far. But it starts to pick up when they key gets higher. Lea looks nervous. He gets a little help from the band at the end to make that performance memorable.

Lea emphasizes once again that she’s really mentoring her kids. Ok we get it, you’re a great coach.She says RJ deserved that controversial spot cause he exceeded her expectations. (Eat your words doubters haha!, she says more or less. Not direct quote.).

And just like that, voting for Team Lea is closed. OMG this could be good. No power voting shit to mess up the system.

Let’s move to Team Apl. Cora Dela Cruz aka KZ Tandingan and Melai Cantiveros offspring is first with Nosi Ba Lasi. She’s growly and she moves a lot. Wow I think the band is overpowering the singers ergo the lack of magic moments happening on stage.

Sarah giggles her way through her comment. Apl says Cora’s got a lot of personalities which we think is a mental problem lol.

Apl sounds robotic when speaking tagalog. Thor is next singing a very difficult Gary V OPM Narito. What’s up with the dark lighting. We can only see his teeth. Team Apl has the unique and distinct voices, let’s give them that. Thor is doing great making the song fresh and contemporary and we have a feeling this sounds even better luve at tj
He Resorts World.

Apl finally breaks from his robot mode and shows some emotions. Ganda ganda, he says while clapping and jumping on his seat.

I Believe by Fantasia will be delivered by Jessica Reynoso. Uh oh. This song is make or break even in American Idol. We actually like Jessica’s image and style so, go girl! Once again, overpowered by the band! But it masks the flats. Uh oh that was a painful note. Not quite up there, Jessica. BREAK!

Of course Lea noticed. She’s like the bad note police. Apl is happy though. Great control? Not so true coach!

OMG this filler gap actually sounds better than the real competition. It’s crazy. Go Mitoy and Janice. And Tristhan and Penelope too.

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. How will Talia clean up the rated SPG-ness of this song. Nice melodic arrangement. But Talia kinda eats her words. This song requires a lot of spunk and angst which sadly, she lacks.

Sarah plays safe positivizing her critique as always. Bamboo also beats around the bush but basically saying Talia did well bu making the song her own.

Myk Perez is tackling California Gurls mashed up with Isn’t she Lovely. Wow that’s unique and exciting. Myk is actually among our favorites. We’re expecting him to David Cookify or Andrew Garciafy this thing. A lot of Bamboo influence in all his artists. Myk is a performer-musician a notch above being an ASAP sessionista. We obviously love him.

Apl name drops Katy and Stevie. Ang saya, says a very happy and conyo Bamboo.

Last from Team Bamboo is the very controversial Lee Grane with Make You Feel My Love, a song that’s right up her alley. No duet partner to drown her out rhis time so she can come back to being intimate. She has a gorgeous calming voice but damn it band you are really too loud! This still lacks the magic she delivered in her blind audition but Bamboo can always save her.

Lea says she heard her heart like maybe she’s a doctor wirh stethoscope. With the right song, I don’t have to say anything, says Bamboo.

First on Team Sarah is Mommy Eva Delos Santos with So Far Away. We don’t know this song! Eva has a piano thing going on. Omg she has a unique, smokey and jazzy tone. We love it! She’s more Alanis than Talia too when it comes to telling a story through a song. But oops there are words we couldn’t understand. Her high notes are out of this world though. Excellent! That was world class.

But Lea doesn’t like it, the first upfront, no sugarcoat comment of the night. Sarah once again thanks her for listening to her coaching. Are the others not listening? Aw the coaches didn’t match our enthusiasm.

Junji Arias is next with Aerosmith’s I don’t want to miss a thing, the version before it was Reginized. Or not. He’s with a piano too. Come on Sarah! Pare-pareho? He does the Steven Tyler scream. Having seen Junji for the third time now, I still don’t know what his real voice is.

Medyo pitchy says Bamboo. He’s glad he qent for the high note. Sarah stop calling everybody Sir! Sarah doesn’t really say anything except that she’s a fan forever or something.

Last one for tonight is Morissette Amon with Jar of Hearts. She still looks like Sarah. Nice to hear her do a power ballady song. Shows her voice’s power. Oh gosh this is really good. This is power with control and emotions. She is our new favorite.

Apl sees a bright future. Sarah points out that Morisette is younger than her and then ADMITS she’s a much better version of her OMG. You don’t do that Sarah. EVER! There has to be another way to praise her without putting yourself down lol.


Safe: Daryl Shy (51.41%)
Saved: Radha
Out: RJ

Safe: Thor (43.63%)
Saved: Jessica
Out: Cora

Safe: Myk (54.80%)
Saved: Lee Grane
Out: Talia

Safe: Morissette (57.16%)
Saved: Eva
Out: Junji


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