A Pinoy-less American Idol season


After they’ve fielded not one, not two, but three Filipino Americans in the 12th season of American Idol, we thought this means “more chances” for someone with a Pinoy lineage to finally win the title.

Today Adriana Latonio, the last Fil-Am standing in the semi-finals failed to advance to the final rounds. This is the first time in two years that there’s no Pinoy blood in the final roster.

Not surprising, after a lackluster performance from Latonio, followed by a lukewarm-top-harsh reviews from the judges.

Jessica Sanchez set the bar too high last season, making all the Pinoys this season pale in comparison. What exactly did Jessica have that the three did not?

Vocally, Sanchez has mastered her own technique and style. She knows her genre and she can effortlessly switch from classic soul to mainstream R & B. Latonio came off as old-fashioned, lacking in vibe and, yes as the judges said it, pageanty. Her voice is great, but when pitted against other powerhouses of the season, it is  just ok.

Having said that, we think that Jett Hermano could have had better chances if she was the one that advanced to the semi-finals. She’s the first Pinay Idol who demonstrated musical instrument skills on stage. She can get creative with her arrangements and she does have a more pop style.

Of the three, Bryant seemed to have the best voice and musical maturity. We also feel that he got an unfair treatment during the Vegas sudden-death rounds. Also – a conspiracy theory – maybe Idol is still fearing the combined voting power of Pinoys and Hawaiians, as demonstrated by Jasmine’s Trias run in season 3.  But that’s just a hunch.

Without a Pinoy in the final rounds, we wonder if the show is still going to be a hit in the country. It is also highly possible that this year’s tour will not be staging a Philippine leg. But for now, while we have no manok in the competition, we have Jessica Sanchez who’s had the best Pinoy Idol season yet. And there’s her blossoming career that we can throw our support to, to help her become the winner in the real world, outside the Idol stage.


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