Rocking the rockstar


On March 8,  the story of Arnel Pineda’s journey – from his gigs in third world Manila to his hiring as the frontman of one of the world’s biggest bands – will be retold.

Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey will premiere in select theaters in the United States. The documentary produced, written and directed by Ramona Diaz (who also helmed the controversial Imelda Marcos docu), will be shown to recount the jawdropping tale of the Filipino vocalist who got the gig of his life, thanks to little twists of fate and that thing called YouTube.

Watch the trailer here:

Official Site:

This should give everyone, especially Pinoys catch a glimpse of Arnel’s real life as the lead vocalist of Journey, beyond the prestige of the job and the glitter of the international stardom. Beneath the surface, there are issues about fan loyalty to the original frontman, racial barriers, Arnel’s exhaustion and his adjustments to adapt to a life on the road, far from home.

Hope this film gets shown here in the Philippines, so we can give our kababayan from Journey a little more appreciation for his talent and hard work.


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