The Kimpoy Effect

So about two weeks ago, two covers of the same song were released via our favorite online music store

The song is Ikaw Lang, originally sung by Chad Borja. This song enjoyed massive success in the early nineties.

And in 2012, it is brought back to life by Gerald Santos, champion of the second season of GMA’s Pinoy Pop Superstar singing competition. For his talent in interpreting heartfelt Pinoy ballads, he bested other contest favorites that season, the other Santoses, Aicelle Santos and Harry Santos.

The other version is courtesy of Internet celebrity Kimpoy Feliciano. It’s not clear what exactly made him achieve instant fame but he started getting mainstream media attention when his name was attached to another multimedia megastar Vice Ganda. He currently enjoys a huge following on Twitter, being adored by fans known for their love and loyalty to their idol.

Which single did better?

Last week, Kimpoy’s version was at the top of the site’s top download chart, while Gerald’s version was not even felt. This week, Kimpoy’s Ikaw Lang drops slightly, with it still hanging in the top 3.

To be totally fair and honest, Gerald Santos’ version is better in several aspects. His voice and musicality is superior, no questions about that. The arrangement of Gerald’s version is also more professional, not to mention, he did a modern and updated take on the nineties ballad.

The Kimpoy vs. Gerald case is one proof that musical talent is not enough to successfully sell your music these days.  In the era of the Internet, promotion and packaging are as important as the product itself. The net has become an instant fame machine for those who know how to use it well, and artists and their management/label must know how the net culture works inside out as it has become one of the main drivers of sales of multimedia products.

But in any case, we are happy that there are sites like MyMusicStore that makes it fast and easy for record labels to sell their merchandise and fans to buy the goods. Nice to see the Philippines no longer fighting the technology that’s seen as a piracy haven. The fans’ patronizing of the songs prove that many of them are willing to pay for the music, if only they have an easy and affordable channel.

Preview and download Ikaw Lang by Kimpoy Feliciano.

Preview and Download Ikaw Lang by Gerald Santos.

Ikaw Lang by Chad Borja



  1. I chanced upon this article.. Im Rommel, manager of Gerald Santos.. Thank you for your relatively objective take on the issue.. Let me give some facts, however.. Gerald’s album is doing very well.. We have reprinted 5k copies and there are still orders.. Before the year ends, we are projecting that jis album will turn GOLD.. Digital downloads of the song will definitely boost the total sales but no worries coz his album is doing very well in the regular market.. Also, the carrier single of the album is another revival “MAGHINTAY KA LAMANG” originally by Ted Ito.. We are still making the music video for that and hopefully the music video will be aired late this month or early next month.. While musical talent is not the sole requirement, I still believe that TALENT is essential in this busines to stay long.. Gerald’s album is his third and speaking of longevity in this business,my fearless forecast is that Gerald will outlive those “new” artists who are mere “flash in the pan”..Ultimately, it’s the TALENT that matters.. Thank you and please listen to his other revivals and the song by Mr. Ryan Caybyab.. People like you can help us promote what true talent is all about.. “Life is a marathon, it’s not a sprint..”

  2. Hi Popfanzine! Rommel here again.. Just want to give you an update re Gerald Santos.. He just did a very successful solo major concert at the Music Museum last April 30.It was jam-packed and you can look for reviews of this concert in the net, The Prince of Ballad Soaring High concert… We shall be releasing the 2nd single from his album, PAMINSAN-MINSAN.. And he s doing his 4th album, an all original album under Prinstar and will be distributed by Star Records.. Awards season in the music and live entertainment industry is just around the corner and I will be happy to update you on Gerald..Thank you!

  3. Hi Popfanzine! Gerald’s album just won REVIVAL Album of the Year in the 5th Star Awards For Music..He was nominated in 4 categories including Male Recording Artist of the Year and Male Concert Performer of the Year..He now has 2 Star Awards! Not bad.. Just last week, he also got nominated in the ALIW Awards for Best Male Concert Performance for his April 30 concert at the Music Museum.FYI.. Salamat!

  4. Happy New Year! Gerald is currently doing his 4th album, an all original one.. He is set to release his latest single entitled “Because I Love You” composed by Agatha Obar.. More power!

  5. Hi Popfanzane! Rommel here..Gerald will be doing his 4th major concert at the SYDOME SM NORTH EDSA on June 28, 2014 with Ms. Regine Velasquez as his special guest..he is currently on a campus tour and still doing his 4th studio album.. I told you,showbiz isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.. I will regularly update you re Gerald’s major activities.. Thank you!.

  6. Hi! Gerald just did his major concert at the PICC Plenary Hall last June 13.. It was a sold out concert! He is set to release his 4th album anytime.. was i right in saying “showbiz is a marathon thing!.. talent rules in the end..” hope you guys are monitoring this.. thank!

  7. Hi! I would just like to make a comment re my point before .6 years today, you did this article..may i know where kimpoy feliciano is? FYI, gerald is still in the UK, making us Filipinos proud, playing THUY in the Miss Saigon UK Tour! Just what I said, the entertainment industry is a marathon thing and the success of an artist must not be judged on just one recording! I hope this is a lesson learned..thank you!

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