POP 10: Why we are loving Jeepney TV

A few weeks ago while channel surfing, I suddenly caught a familiar song playing in one channel – Manfred Mann’s Doo Wah Diddy – better known by many here in the country as the theme for the 1990s youth oriented show Ang TV.

I thought it’s just a feature, but it turned out to be a full episode broadcast of Ang TV!

The channel is Jeepney TV (Channel 69 on Sky Cable) and it is currently on test broadcast. It is being run by Creative Programs Inc. (CPI), the same people behind other local cable favorites like MYX and Cinema One.

Jeepney TV is like a treasure trove of old ABS-CBN gems. A few days of watching it and I caught episodes of Bida Si Mister, Bida si Misis; Star Drama Theater Presents; Your Song Presents; Home Along Da Riles; Homeboy and even musical the musical special Maricel 22 at 2.

The plugs and teasers also hint that the channel is playing more goodies from the Kapamilya vault like Palibahasa Lalake, Whattamen,  MMK, Oki Doki Doc Pwedeng Pwede and Game K N B.

We are very excited of what this new channel still has to offer. Here are 10 reasons we are absolutely loving Jeepney TV:

10. It brings back good memories – By bringing back shows that made us feel good back in the days, it brings along with these shows the times in our lives while we were watching those shows for the first time.

9. YouTube and YouTubers can only do so much – Not all shows that we used to love are on YouTube. And face it, searching and buffering is also frustrating. Of course, there’s also a crackdown on uploads due to copyright issues. On Jeepney TV, there are full clear episodes of our past favorites.

8. The Music – Back then, I guess they were less strict about the use of music n local TV shows. Old shows features samples of feel good songs from decades ago that also give us a natural high.

7. It shows how we’ve progressed in terms of TV production – The old shows will help you appreciate how the networks today have learned to do things better – with better equipment, set, production design and more.

6. Another chance to archive our favorite shows – Face it, we weren’t really that rich or technologically advanced the first time Ang TV went on air. Now we have recorders and applications that allow us to keep a copy of these shows (for personal consumption, of course :p)

5. It keeps sitcoms alive – There was a time when sitcoms air up to four nights a week – yes those days were fun and less melodramatic. Jeepney TV shows the golden age of sitcoms when a simple show could help us all forget our problems even for just an hour and thirty minutes.

4. It can help us track which artistas got help from science – Erased birthmarks? Fixed nose? Sculpted face? We have the AFTER. Now, take a look at the celebrities’ BEFORE look.

3. ANG TV! ANG TV! ANG TV! – No show better defined the youth of the 90s than ANG TV. Now we can take a look at these kids before they were today’s superstars (or in some case, before they became pregnant, sexy stars, troubled actresses participating in airport brawls).

2. Endless Possibilities – ABS-CBN’s collection is an extensive library of old nostalgic programs. Imagine if we can take another look at great shows like Gimik, Calvento Files, Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata, the original Mara Clara and even the tacky ones like  Super Laff-In.

1. IT LETS US LAUGH AT ARTISTAS – You know that embarrassing feeling you get when you see old videos and photos of yourself. Now imagine the feeling of these artistas with their odd looks, awkward movements and laughable fashion choices. Now, feel free to point and laugh.


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