Jessica Sanchez – song, out “anytime soon”

A couple of exciting good news this week for Filipino-American Idol Jessica Sanchez and her Blujays. After the confirmation of her acting debut in the worldwide musical hit Glee (It’s Sue Sylvester approved!), there are now reports swirling around the Internet that Jessica will be releasing a single – a collaboration with fellow Pinoy international music artist of The Black Eyed Peas!

That’s not all. Said song (and an accompanying music video) will be released not next year, not in November, but very very very soon.

Why is this news exciting? All Jessica fans know that singing songs with R&B/urban flavor is right up her alley. Throughout her American Idol run, her voice and style have been compared to Beyonce’s. This style comes off naturally – as shown in her performance of Jazmine Sullivan’s “Stuttering”:

And then after the season, she previewed a single which could potentially be her album’s lead single. Fans and critics were divided on this one, saying the song is too bubblegum pop. Meanwhile, some say that the song is actually very commercial, radio-friendly and age appropriate. Listen to the song “Fairytale” here:

Now, with a collaboration with Pinoy pea, this could be Jessica’s chance to show her pop R&B edge. We think her sound will fit perfectly with apl’s hip-hop style and we couldn’t wait to listen to the song.

Also, there’s no denying that the Jessica-apl collab is one great Pinoy pride dream come true!

In the meantime, let us check out’s previous Filipino American Idol ties. Here’s the music video of “Bebot” featuring another Fil-Am Jasmine Trias of Idol’s 3rd season:



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