Mr. Boombastic is a lady: The X Factor Philippines Episode 4 Recap

And now the Manila episode of The X FACTUHR! Didn’t see yesterday’s episode because I was at the Social Media Day meet up in Makati, but I think they’re fast tracking everything now.

So once again they introduce all the judges as if we do not know them yet. And they quickly show two singers, so quick I didn’t catch their names. The girl sings Fantasia’s I Believe and it was shrieky but edgy nonetheless. The guy Fred Lo (?) sang Bugoy’s Paano Na Kaya in a very Dencio’s restaurant way. They both get through.

Jerriane Templo is next and already she looks like a star. She’s from Bohol and she comes to the auditions with her German boyfriend and yes, her hotness is what most foreigners like. She attempts Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, but he quite doesn’t hit the very crucial ALL and DEEP notes. But she’s got spunk and stage presence and she gets a chance from the judges to go on to the next round.

Up next is Haley Vanessa Bayot from Las Vegas who flew in just to audition and fulfill her dream to be a singer. She engages in a banter with Martin about the singer of her song Kahit Isang Saglit and it was slightly funny. She starts very airy like she swallowed an electric fan but when she gets to the power notes, it’s divine and pleasant.

Teary eyed Martin declares it’s beautiful and then Haley starts sharing her sob story, which is a must in Philippine reality shows. Martin starts sharing the history of the song and it all makes sense now. And we all feel sorry for Hayley.

Charice engages in a “sleng” war with Hayley but thankfully, they turn the spotlight again to Martin who’s so emotional right now. She gets 4 YES’s and her stepdad cheers her onstage.

Next is geeky JC Erasga who is a wannabe lawyer who refuses to break away from the lawyer stereotype. He sings Baby by Justin Bieber and starts wasting expensive ABS-CBN airtime. He starts moving around onstage and we all think this is some kind of law school fraternity initiation. The audience loves it because we all love watching people embarrass themselves. JC gets 4 NOs and they get a pay raise for doing what they’re supposed to do. Just kidding.

“Hello I know this gehl” says Charice to Ms. Velarde who sings Dangerously In Love by Beyonce because she used to compete with her in singing contests. “Dis you lose to her asks Gary and her answer is cut. She gets 4 YES’s because of her vocal rollercoster. D Cruz Sisters is next and they nasally sing Jar of Hearts but they get through anyway. Then a boyband in an older age range sings Hard to Say I’m sorry, the Az Yet version, ahhhhh this is so fast I can’t keep up.

Anyway all those 3 auditionees competed against Charice at one point and so did this next one Alyssa Quijano. She sings a song which I think is called Show Me How to Burlesque or something and she’s fun and modern and her voice is unique. She performs very well and I think she has what it takes to go far. She gets 4 YES’s and she says Charice used to be a competitor and now a judge, quite happily, like it’s a good thing that she’s already left way behind.

Can I just say it’s so hard to do this recap on a phone?

And we are back after the break, and once again we see a parade of auditionees who are given a quarter of a second of exposure each.

Next is Eloisa Datuin from Pangasinan who says her voice is always cracking and she mentions Pei Pa Koa and it’s a wonder ABS-CBN did not bleep that. She screams Celine Dion’s All By Myself. Charice says that’s a hard song to sing, of course, because she sang that on Glee. Martin says her dress is too short. She gets 4 YES’s and she screams her Thank Yous.

Pilyo a One Direction inspired boyband sings Babaero to the audience’s delighted squeals. The boys sing with a very corny choreography like they’re in a show choir of a school run by nuns. They’re dressed so unnatural too, which gives a feeling they’re too fake and trained. They have fans already? The judges slam them but Martin, Gary and Charice say Yes anyway. See? Being a young singing male does nor guarantee a YES from Pilita.

Up next is ladyman Jeffrey Soliven aka Osang who has the same built as KC. Not kidding. She sings a dark growly heavy metal rock song I do not recognize, but she does rock more convincingly than more than half of the boys in ASAP. In a strange twist, she also sings Shaggy’s Mr. Boombastic and it is shockingly good as long as you keep your eyes closed. Martin wittily says she covers all X Factor categories. Gary calls her versatile. Martin is a fan and Charice keeps repeating their words. Pilita does not say anything. And then they all say YES.

That ends the Manila episode and a teaser shows more Luzon auditionees next week. I really cannot feel KC’s presence in this show. Hmmm.



  1. Hello, Popfanzine! I hope you could update your blog. Your witty, sarcastic, and playful ways of writing make every post of yours really spontaneous and fun to read.

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