Young JV is the new Jay R


Jay R used to be the Philippines’ poster boy for mainstream R&B until he or the powers that be decided he’d just record love ballads and a bunch of covers. There have been several others who tried to fit the Jay R mold. In fact, in televised singing contests, there is always that one person who’d compete armed with the Jay R style.

But quite predictably, many of these singers do not end up embracing and championing their R&B or hip hop roots. That’s expected since in our industry, there’s an insatiable market for love ballads that dates back to our kundiman past. And labels would, of course, always play safe.

Enter Young JV, arguably, the new Jay  R (back when Jay R was still all about the beats and his urban sound). So far, he holds his personal record of having a consistent discography, having a clear vision of who he really is as an artist.

Young JV’s music is obviously influenced by the contemporary urban sounds of America which have already been infiltrated with people of different colors and ethnicity. What used to be a black form of expression spawned the kind of music that crosses over to pop and fun youth culture – and Young JV, despite lack of clear Filipino influence in his music, is doing quite good in propagating the genre locally.

The kid is brave in going for the genre that does not guarantee massive success in local radio and music sales. But once in while, for every generation, we need an artist to fill the void in the music genres that has niche markets.

But then again, it could be just the prejudice on local artists. Young JV’s music is almost similar to those of the immensely popular K-Pop artist. He writes his songs and produces records with sleek and professional-looking videos.

If we can like and accept K-Pop, why can’t we ever love our own?

Young JV’s WIkipedia

Young JV’s Star Magic Profile


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