The X Factor Philippines Episode 2: Surprising song choices, predictable judges decisions

X Factor Philippines judges Gary and Charice

Welcome to the second episode of the biggest musical event of the year! At least that’s what they say in the plugs – where Martin Nievera also constantly reminds us that at one point in the audition rounds, “A star is born!”. Will we see that star tonight? Let’s see.

“Welcome to the X FACTUHR!” says KC Concepcion in Cebu and she goes to explain the mechanics again. Then we see Papa’s girl Angelica Prado being interrogated by Charice. For those who’ve seen the plugs, she’s the one with the big mole below the mouth. Heh. She sings The Scientist by Coldplay and wow what a unique voice and style. Very different from the biriteras we see in these types of TV shows. The crowd asks for more so she gives One and Only by Adele and we see she’s really capable. This girl picks sophisticated songs. Everyone stands up and they all dwarf Charice and Martin wants to call Ellen and Oprah. Charice keeps talking like how she hogged airtime last night. And Angelica gets 4 YES’s including one from over enthusiastic Charice who says Angelica’s is the best voice she’s heard in the competition so far. Oh also, she’s Martin’s “A Star is born.”

And it’s time for a girl group! KC chats with them like she’s really interested. They’re called Sweet Bliss and they sing End of Time by Beyonce. They are quite effective in this group thing with their voices complementing each other. Two of the three got moves but the other one is just stiff scared.  Then they get 4 YES’s.

Single mom with a very long name Bien Calleja who’s wearing pyjamas is next. She says she had to stop school cause she got pregnant, and that’s her back story. She speaks well and she sounds smart and I love singers who are classy and smart. She sings Bleeding Love. She looks and sings unsure like she’s holding back or something but you can tell she’s got a voice that’s gonna be great when polished. Martin and Charice love her and after Gary’s curious question about her limp, she unleashed another back story with her congenital illness. Pilita recognizes her from somewhere and I got lost in their conversation. The judges all love her earning her a unanimous YES.

And then we get tonigt’s boy group Power Voice who made Pilita very happy and intersted. They proceed to sing Bongga Ka Day a ca pella, which of course has been already done by Akafellas. Martin bobs his head and Pilita just stares grinning. They judges all love them. When will these judges ever disagree? They get 4 YES’s and off they go to the next round.

Token weird guy who is dressed like Michael Jackson is next. He is Rodrigo from Batangas and he tells Pilita his mom loves watching her sing A Million “Tanks” to You. He says stuff about ABS-CBN being the greatest star builder through reality shows, probably forgetting about people like Raki Vega and Jerome Sala and a loooot more. He sings Nothing On You and I admire how he’s picked a contemporary song. But other than that, nothing more haha. He busts into the rap parts and it’s crazier but to be fair, he’s singing to the beat. He gets wild applause and requests for more because you know, Pinoys love crazy. Gary V joins him for Billie Jean and they have a dance off and then we see why Gary V is one of the greatest performers of this country. Rodrigo goes on to praise all the judges. Gary V and the rest of the judges believe him and they love the craziness so they all say YES.

So far no one’s been rejected. This is getting boring ok. We want to see crushed dreams and broken spirits on national TV!

And then I get my wish cause we see a montage of four male vocalists who all get rejected so let’s just move on.

Jervin Tanteco who speaks taglish like a kolheiyala from the nineties says X Factor is his family’s only hope for a better life. He relates his sob story going on and on about his family’s lost fortune. And in a strange twist, he sings Only Hope by Switchfoot. Jervin is from the Sam Milby school of rock singing so there are lots of grunting and raspiness, but not much remarkable vocals. Martin buys his rock act cause he thinks he’s got swagger. Pilita thinks it’s the wrong song. Gary says something forgettable. And Charice compares Only Hope to a Britney song probably thinking Only Hope is really Mandy Moore’s and what Jervin did, the rock version, is unique. Martin votes YES totally overturning Pilita’s decision and Jervin moves on to the next round, promising to do better.

Eva Delos Santos from Cebu is next. X Factor attracts a lot of inglisera auditionees, I see. Eva shows her husband who also speaks with an American accent. She’s 50! Trying out for X Factor is in her bucket list. Never stop dreaming she says to people as old as her. She sings Let’s Stay Together, the Tina Turner version. There’s screaming and some epileptic moves. She’s got a gorgeous family. Eva growls and grunts and wails in some parts but I get her act.  I think this lacks movement, if Tina Turner os what she’s really trying to emulate. Charice fights back with her own American twang and she declares Eva the Tina Turner of the Philippines. They all say YES and the family joins her on stage and we see she’s the tiniest member.

And that ends tonight’s epiaode. We see a preview of the next episode with Pilita and her big hair getting off a van and saying words I didn’t really understand. I think it’s about Cebu or something. But I thought this was the Cebu episode?



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