Jessica Sanchez to add vocal power Glee

Us Pinoy fans are simply among the world’s funnest, craziest and most dedicated fans – especially when someone of our lineage makes it in global televised competitions or TV shows. Makes you wonder if the casting of Filipino contenders in TV shows like American Idol, The Voice and Duets are intentional, to capture a strong Pinoy audience that can create a massive online buzz in a mater of seconds.

One of the shows that has continuously tickled Filipinos’ interest is Glee. This show sure knows how to keep us glued. From the occasional appearance of our national fastfood – Jollibee to the casting of Charice (plus many other Filipino references), Glee is now set to sign our current singing obsession, Jessica Sanchez! reports:

According to TV Line, 16-year-old phenom Jessica Sanchez is in final negotiations to join Rachel, Finn, Mr. Schu and the rest of the “Glee” gang for a multi-episode arc. There is no word on what specific role Sanchez will play, or whether she’ll be part of McKinley High’s National Championship-winning New Directions or will surface in the form of competition at another school.

This is going to be exciting. Never has an American Idol finalist been cast as a Glee character and we all know how the fans of both shows harmoniously meet in the center of the Glee Idol Venn Diagram.

Is Jessica Sanchez Glee’s answer to Smash’s Katherine McPhee who’s been getting stellar reviews in the said TV musical?

Let’s see.


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