Why Sarah’s fans need not fear Angeline

Happy Halloween! Well, that was last night. But still we’re on a subject that’s apt for the All Saints and All Souls season – fear.

Today we debunk one of the unspoken fears swirling around TV land and the Internet space – has ABS-CBN found its own star that can eventually – gasp – dethrone the pop star princess?

It all started when news about Sarah Geronimo’s possible transfer to growing media giant TV5 began circulating. “Oh no!” said the Popsters – her legion of loyal fans. “Viva, don’t let her suffer the same fate as Rachel Anne!” they lamented. “Oh, yes!” said the others. With a new home and lesser competition, they think a TV5 transfer is necessary to make Sarah’s career skyrocket again after seemingly reaching its peak as a multimedia, cash-raking hot property.

And then an Angeline Quinto appeared. Angeline, if you followed Sarah G.’s history, is just someone Sarah effortlessly beat in one of their earlier matches in the early 2000s. But then she won the Megastar-hosted Kapamilya talent search called Star Power, and some Sarah fans’ knees began to shake.

What is happening? It looks like ABS-CBN is out to prove to the Viva bosses that they are not anyone’s to mess with by pulling out and/or attempting to pull out their talents. It looks like ABS-CBN is trying to say that, being the international multimedia juggernaut that it is, it can very well manufacture its own Sarah Geronimo any given day.

From then on, Angeline began getting gigs and projects that were usually auto-routed to Sarah. From her own MMK episode, to prime spots on ASAP – this new girl sure has ABS-CBN’s full backing and support (which the likes of Frenchie Dy, Raki Vega and Jerome Sala never got. Remember them? Exactly.) Suddenly, this new girl is the voice of teleserye theme songs, station IDs and what have yous (is the network punishing Sarah for the big 1Dol flop?)

But Popsters, calm down. Angeline without a doubt is a talented singer. She is lovely and the camera loves her. Her birit range can sing any throat busting song that majority of the Filipinos here and TFC lands all over the world love to hear. But here are reasons why Angeline Quinto, Star Power winner, is no threat to your beloved princess.

  1. Sarah is the greater popstar, in the truest sense of the word – More than just a biritera, Sarah Geronimo is a pop performer. Give her any song and she can sing it like it’s her own (see: Sarah Geronimo Super Bass Live). Her musical appeal transcends generations. She can perform Top 40 hits to please the Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez/kPop dance-y crowd one moment and then go sing a duet of a sappy kundiman ballad with Martin Nievera the next to please to the more mature, let-s-sit-down-and-watch audience.
  2. She’s neither too class or too bakya – Whether you’re up there on top of the social status pyramid, or you’re just one of us below, it is ok to like Sarah Geronimo. It is not embarrassing to admit liking her. She’s just a sweet, charming young lady who can put on a show for the altas. But then, she’s also just a regular girl who looks like someone you would meet in an MRT train, but when she gets on stage, she’s a star.
  3. She’s a success story people knew from the beginning – This is important for talent search contestants to succeed – people must root for you. More importantly, they must root for you not just during the competition, but moreso, after the voting and the announcement of winners. Sarah G. won as a child whom everybody wanted to succeed. People saw her grow as a good little girl, and it’s like the whole country raised her to be like that. She was ever polite, always saying her pos and opos, and she was never perceived as a kontrabida.
  4. She successfully transformed – but then being the perennial good little girl has its bad side. A transition is important, and this is a make or break phase in every young artist’s career. Good thing Sarah took notice and stopped herself from being the child stars who never grew older. Donning sexy outfits, and taking on suggestive pop songs, Sarah is now being more courageous in her wardrobe and song choices. Good for her. If there’s something good that Sarah got out of her much publicized bizarre love affair, this could be it – her transition to maturity.
  5. She’s the first. Everything anybody is doing now, she’s already done it. Enough said.

A word of caution though. These do not make Sarah Geronimo eternally popular. A couple of wrong moves and she can very well be declared laos. What’s strange with Sarah’s career now is that she’s got a great public image and an excellent performer persona (she shines most when performing live) – but this contemporary, young popstar personality does not translate into her records. In her CDs, she tends to become just one OPM songstress singing safe songs about falling in love and heartbreak.

We’re still waiting for that one great Sarah G. record, one that can showcase the level of her talents and one that give justice to her being a multi-faceted music superstar of this generation.



  1. Happy Halloween too. And well, that’s last night indeed. But let me give my 2 cents worth on your entertaining piece.

    First-off, I found this article of yours more pro-angeline than pro-sarah, really! Here u quote “And then an Angeline Quinto appeared and some Sarah fans’ knees began to shake.” I tell u, some sarah fans are likely to kill you by writing something like that – even though it’s true, lol.

    Next off, here u quote another, “But Popsters, calm down. Angeline without a doubt is a talented singer. She is lovely and the camera loves her. Her birit range can sing any throat busting song that majority of the Filipinos here and TFC lands all over the world love to hear.” What? After praising that girl Angeline to heavens, u dare tell Popsters to calm down. The gall. I repeat, you are not helping Sarah’s cause at all.

    Some of your remarks also are way off the mark. You quote, “From then on, Angeline began getting gigs and projects that were usually auto-routed to Sarah.” Auto-routed to Sarah? Like what? Before Angeline came, Sarah never sang a teleserye song, or never known to have sung much OST. To say Angeline got Sarah’s project is pure hallucination at best.

    This I say. The issue between SG and AQ was actually blown out of proportion. Who to blame? Sarah. Remember when Sarah avoided a showdown in Asap. That was it. The competition between the two was heightened because of that. There was an impression created that Sarah didn’t want to support Angeline and that she didn’t want to be pitied against her in a showdown. Talk about not being supportive enough to a newbie, when her fellow artist such as Regine going the other way. Why Sarah could not show support to a new artist in order to at least discourage a rivalry is one for the books. It could very well be Sarah’s biggest blunder in her career.

    If only Sarah could show support, not get threatened, and simply act as a mature, open-minded individual such as Regine, she could have gained admiration and respect from all. What she got are more haters who wish her downfall and magnify every weakness in her. Instead of being pictured as a secure, accomplished artist, she is now being depicted as a threatened, insecure performer who doesn’t want to be upstaged. All because of one mistake. Lack of maturity, humility, and charity.
    Need I say more.

    • You are seriously out of your mind, or havent you done a little more research perhaps before doing some assumptions? mind you sarah just said she did not want a production number that is like a showdown because she knew if that will happen their fans will also be pitting them to one another. Sarah has helped angeline in that way imagine if angeline is being pitted against sarah every sunday would you think that wil help angeline’s image? hell no!

      and you call sarah lack of humility and charity wow! where in the world do you live? sarah has been the epitome of kindness, humility and charity in this world of showbusiness. Show me a star who is as kind as sarah and yet has the same success as her. There was not a single issue that sarah has raised its feet and remained a good girl for more than 8 years in the business.

      And Sarah said if they will have a production number together she wants it to be a DUET not a SHOWDOWN. Isnt she kind to do that? If others would be in Sarah’s place she’ll be bragging and taking the opportunity to beat angeline AGAIN!

      Sarah won the competition Star for a Night and she BEAT angeling 8 years ago, does she need to prove anything perhaps?

      and the judges at that time were boy abunda, sharon cuneta, ryan cayabyab and other big showbiz stars and music icons and they CHOSE SARAH AS THE GRAND CHAMPION beating others even beating angeline.

      And i tell you Sarah is A BIG STAR! the next Nora Aunor and Sharon Cuneta combined! angeline is just a starter and with these issues certainly is damaging her image and reputation.

      In order to be famous you must do it on your own, competing yourself with the stronger, bigger and tougher star just to shine you’ll just lose the competition faster than you think.

      Sarah is admired because of her self-determination and did not use anyone’s name and popularity for her own sake. 🙂

  2. This is in reply to Ron’s .I thought you are one of those people who analyze situations to come up with a sound judgement . Until I’ve read the last part. Come on. Who are you kidding? You criticized this article by saying that this article is more of a pro-angeline than pro-sarah. But then, will you analyze your reply? It seems that you are the pro-angeline here. You accused Sarah of not supporting Angeline by avoiding showdown. Are so sure that a showdown will really boost Angeline’s career? Sarah has been with so many showdowns with different artists before and who do you think benefited from this? Look what happened to those who dared to compete with her ? Where are they now?

    Lack of maturity? Who’s immature here? Sarah or Angeline’s management who just be giving exposure to Angeline would dare to engage her with a showdown with Sarah? . . Maybe you should think harder. If there is one person who will suffer in the showdown, it is definitely not Sarah . Sarah is already a seasoned performer. She has already proven a lot. She will not be the youngest entertainer of the year if not for her magnificent talent and excellence in performance. And , to make things worst, it will only create a battle between Angeline’s fans and Sarah’s. And Sarah knows this. Do you think that with the legions of loyal fans that Sarah has now, Angeline would really benefit from this? Sarah Is mature enough to know that the support that Angeline would need from her is to be a friend to her and give her advises that Angeline could use as a newbie in the industry. Have you watched her collaborations with Angeline in ASAP prods lately? Well then,if Sarah is not willing to support Angeline, then what are these collaborations for?

    Lack of humility? I have never seen such a humble superstar like Sarah. You may not accept it, but the fact is , she is already the biggest star in this generation. But you will never see any trace of Prima donna attitude in her. She is always courteous..She never fails to say thank you after each performance to her fans, to God, to her management/producers by giving her the opportunities in making her dreams come true. If that is not humility, then can you explain what this is?

    Charity? For what? Angeline doesn’t need charity. She has her own talent . What she needs is to hone her craft and strive for excellence to make a lasting impression to her audience just like what Sarah did and continuously doing. And, a “good handler” that will guide her career in the right track. There is no shortcuts for stardom . It is earned by those who persevere and truly deserves it.

  3. I always try to understand…that Sarah don’t need to keep supporting everyone. From the begining I did not see someone’s support her. She did it her own way…she did not even copy anybody. Like Angeline she wanted to dress up like Regine, copy her looks, hair, and even yell like Regine. Sarah did it her own craft, and did not see her pretend or act like Regine. Once Sarah move, I’ll ensure that my TFC is off, and I am going to tell all my friends and my workers to turn off all their TFC’s. There is another one that I dislike, they are trying to market Angeline and put down Sarah. Why ABS/CBN are doing that to her, while impact they are been making money off her. I never see Sarah say anything. And then just not long ago the award just past they put Angeline in song of year…the truth is Angeline did not sale that much than Sarah’s song “Sino ba S’ya”. I think it would good if Sarah will move, and let Angeline dance and sing like mongkey. Let see if she she can make it, like Sarah do performance. There is another that, it really get my nerve…Angeline sing’s a song in Piliin mo ang pilipinas. I think it’s a lot of bullshit…all she does is yelling and not emotion on that song. All she does is birit without clearing her voice. She dosn’t know how to control her voice. It doesn’t mean that she sing high is good singer. Just remember god is watching for all did wrong with Sarah it will go back to you all. Sarah….where ever you I will always be your idol and I will keep supporting you.REMEMBER THAT…I pray that you’ll be on top all time. and I promise you that when I return to Philippines…I’ll give anything the best for all your popster’s support. I’ll make sure that all my people in that will not use TFC anymore. It’s alright…I love U Sarah all the way….

  4. i must say that this article is very true. thank you very much for giving such credit to our sarah geronimo. it seems like abs-cbn really want to show us, popsters, that they can have their own SUPERSTAR. but i doubt it. i really doubt it. no one can be as famous as her. she could actually be called the philippines’ concert superstar. this girl is always amazing and you can see the goodness and sincerity in her thai’s why there are so many people who love and admire her. she’s always trending. she deserves all the blessings she receives.

  5. I dont want Sarah, so papansin na to the audience. overacting. Superbass niya,mygaddd. Super OA. Di na siya naiintndhan. And there’s no reason for her to compete with Angeline because sobrang magkaiba sila in every ways. At wag dapat magmganda si Sarah dahil mas nauna siyang nanalo. Mas sikat at mas magaling si Angeline compared to her now. NAPAKATOTOO PA. 🙂

    • oh really?kapag nawala si sarah sa abs cbn,npakalaking kawalan.tingnan natin kung ano ang magagawa ni angeline.pag tinanong mo mga tao kung sino ang pinakapaborito nilang pinay singer sasabihin nilang si sarah.this proves that sarah geronimo really contributes a lot in ABS CBN.she is one of those reasons why ABS CBN is still the no. 1 station in the philippines.she’s now a phenomenal artist and icon…
      KUHA MO?

  6. Yes, exactly. I agreed to that Gen. Di naman siya ganun kagaling akala mo kung sino na makaasta. San ba siya nanggaling? 🙂 Btw,compared to Angeline Quinto, Mas abot ni Angeline mga high notes sa song kesa si Sarah. Laos na kasi e.

  7. Sarah is Sarah. Angeline is Angeline.

    Sarah was like that when she was starting. She was being compared to Regine and the other divas and people were mean to her because people were saying she was using these comparisons to boost her career and now after years in showbiz she has emerged to really become one of the biggest superstars in the country. Incredible achievements, incredible versatility. Singing, dancing, box office topping movies, endorsements, magazine covers, clothing sponsorship etc. the list goes on. Countless sold-out concerts and multi-platinum albums. Sarah is in a league of her own.

    Angeline is just starting. Sold out concerts, Platinum album, a few endorsements already. Up coming movies and soap opera. She is a different act with different vocal styling much similar to Regine. She has a long way to go but the talent is incredible. She needs to work on the diction, improving her english, more vocal support and originality as she traverses her career. She is already a huge star in her own right and will shine brighter in the future.

    These 2 girls have worked so hard. They are 2 different singers. Different styles, similar backgrounds. Easy for us to compare them but they are so different.
    Sarah has emerged from a biritera to an multi-media superstar while Angeline is a birit diva in the light of Regine.

    I only wish both of them more success.

    Sarah fans need not be harassed at all.

    Let us just support both of them! God bless!

  8. Alam niyo, kung di babaguhin ni Sarah ang ugali niyang “Plastik” lulubog siya sa laOCEAN DEEP! ;)) Marami kasi sa mga fans niya ang mga BULAG! Can’t you see it? Andami ng mga videos dyan ang naglipana na magpapatunay ng kanyang pagiging SAPAWERA at KAPLASTIKAN. Yung kay Charice, yung kay Lani Misalucha. Tapos yung binulgar ni Cristine Reyes sa twitter, yung mga nasusulat na nagpapatanggal siya ng mga artista sa ASAP. LAHAT yun totoo. FAN lang kayo, hindi niya kayo kamag-anak kaya wag niyo siyang sabihan na mabait, matulungin and all kasi hindi naman kayo ang kasa-ksama niya araw-araw, Kaming mga taong nagtatarabaho na kasama niya ang makakapagpatunay nun. Marami lang talaga sa mga artista ang magaling prumoject at umarte sa harap ng kamera ngunit kapag talikod nito, mga halimaw yang mga yan. Kaya pwede po, wag niyo siyang ipagtanggol na parang araw-araw kayo ang magkakasama nila Sarah! Isa lang po masasabi ko kay Sarah – Magaling siyang SINGER at AKTRES sa likod at harap ng kamera!

  9. kung may gusto kayong singer, you need not bash other artists. Nakikita kasi ang sama ng ugali ninyo! Kung makapamintas kayo kay Sarah G parang ang bait bait ninyo. Tingnan nyo nga ang sarili ninyo at kung paano kayo mag posts ng comments ninyo, kayo ang OA , masama ang ugali at kung anu ano pa. Inggit ang tawag dyan! Mag new year na, magbago na kayo. Support Filipino artists. Merry Christmas to all!

  10. wow! ang bitter niyo mga dudes! si Sarah Geronimo ay isang tao po lamang na hindi perpekto bakit po ba kayo nag judge ng tao huh? kung tutuusin epal lang talaga ang mga taong nag judge ng ibang tao wala kasi tayong karapatan para dun eh! taz eto kayo napakasama! kung mag comment parang alam lahat! eh kung tatanungin ko ba kayo na mabait kayo ano isasagot niyo? & Bakit may kilala ba kayo na ang bait bait? hay naku let’s get real here people kung masama man ugali ni Sarah anong paki niyo? bakit? sinasampal niya ba kayo? ano bang ginawa niya sa inyo? wala naman siguro diba? kaya nga pala may word na insecure eh! tsaka hellooo tulog ba kayo? o nakapikit ba yang mata mo? si Sarah po andyan yan sa industriya syempre maraming tao ang mag look forward na lulubog si sarah kasi naman nasa kanya na lahat..eh yung mga tao nga kahit hindi sikat may mga taong galit panu na kaya itong si Sarah? Alam mo kasi napakahirap na sa panahon ngayon hindi na natin masabi kung sino ang may mabuting puso..kaya wag ka namang judgmental dyan! kahit ka trabaho ka niya o hindi waleey ka pa ring alam sa totoong sarah nu? so tumahimik ka na lang for your own sake! Woah grabe!! sana suportahan niyo na lang kung sino man ang sikat at maging proud na lang for being a filipino! ito ang dahilan kung bakit hirap umunlad ang bansa eh! napaka tsismusa & judgmental kung luluwas kayo sa ibang bansa alam mo ba san yan pupulutin ng ugali mo? sa recycle bin kc wlang papansin sau eh! at ikw tong pa ulit ulit na pumuputak na parang ulol kc walang lugar sa tsismis eh! di bale na lang kung artista ka! kaya nga mas mabuti pang eh mind mo nalang sarili mo kesa mangialam ka pa sa buhay ng ibang tao..

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