Infinity: Charice In her Element

After a long wait, Charice finally releases her second international album, Infinity. First announced to be released in the US in 2012, it came as a surprise when Infinity started occupying the New Releases racks of local record bars, without any
announcement or promotional activity.

Nevertheless, Infinity has all the look, sound and feel of an international record, because, although we hate to admit it, most local albums simply lack the certain gloss, finesse and craftsmanship of the global CDs (just compare Charice’s Warner Music International albums with her Star Records releases).

Charice looks and sounds all grown-up and sophisticated in Infinity. While we had troubles whether to accept her as a child singer or a mature performer in her first self-titled international release, Infinity showcases Charice’s successful transition to being the pop R&B lady with the powerhouse vocals.

The album speaks loudly of Charice carving her niche in the international pop music industry as it features her collaborations with such distinguishable writers and producers like Bruno Mars, Kara DioGuardi, Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas and Natasha Bedingfield. And this contemporary musicians have indeed contributed in building Charice’s confidence in her own sound.

Infinity shows Charice can do so much more than ape power Divas like Whitney and Mariah. Tracks such as the highly infectious Louder, the girl power anthem Bounce Back and the Derulo-DioGuardi penned Lesson For Life give hints of Charice having the versatility to penetrate the dance/club music market as well (she achieved this earlier with her Pyramid remix which once topped the Billboard dance chart).

Proving upbeat and heavily produced music is not just for mediocre singers who try to mask their vocals’ weaknesses, Charice explodes with her best instrument – her voice – in tracks like Lost The Best Thing and the Bruno Mars creation Before It Explodes. Heartbreak Survivor and Never Always meanwhile has the cool and easy feel, which is refreshing for Charice whose known to belt any note without effort. New World offers a rich blending of Charice universal appeal with the signature sound of a J-Pop ballad. And possibly the finest track of all, the final song Lighthouse written by Bedingfield, effectively brings out the maturity and power of Charice’s voice which can rival the sheer effortless and unique grit and emotions we hear in the likes of Christina Aguilera and Beyonce.

Infinity sure does offer only tracks carefully chosen to effectively find and present the sound of Charice’ music. The album combines all of musical influences and packaged her into the Asian pop star which, given all the chances, opportunity and backing, can rise to become the true Asian global breakout pop star.

But until she gets all the right support and effective promotion and marketing that her talents deserve, her albums will remain to be just to be well-done projects that deserve and could have been appreciated by more people who appreciate the importance of pure musical talent in mainstream music.

Album: Infinity (2011, Reprise Records) | Artist: Charice

Track List

  1. Louder (Daniel James/Leah Haywood/Shelly Perken)
  2. Lost The Best Thing (Carsten Schack/Sean Hurley/Cathy Dennis/Soli Ridge)
  3. Bounce Back (Johannes R. Joergensen/Daniel Klein/Lars Halvor Jensen/Kasia Livingston)
  4. Before It Explodes (Bruno Mars/Ari Levine/Philip Lawrence)
  5. Heartbreak Survivor (Rico Love/Wayne Wilkins/Joanna “JoJo” Levesque)
  6. New World (Koichi Tabo/jam)
  7. Lesson For Life (Jason Derulo/Kara Dioguardi/The Ghostwriters)
  8. Never Always (Frankie Storm/Warren Felder)
  9. One Day (Nick Jonas/Dan Muckala/Jason Ingram)
  10. Lighthouse (Natasha Bedingfield/Mike Elizondo/Danielle Brisebois)


  1. Everyone should buy the album – do not download from internet. That’s the way to move it up the chart. Also request your local radio stations to play charice’s songs. If they don’t have the CDs, they’ll most likely look for them and make them available to play anytime. Charice voice is so much unlike the other pop stars. She deserves to be promoted in anyway we could.

  2. I’ve checked for Cha’s Infinity Album and the song “louder” on Eonline (entertainment Tonight) but it doesn’t seem to know about it. Obviously it is not released in the Us yet but I think it is a good way to promote it. If every Chaster would only request their local entertainment TV and radio stations for Charice’s songs – this will certainly create a big hype before it is even released!

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