Kyla comes back

Hello everyone. Popfanzine is back! For good, hopefully. Anyway, what better way to mark this blog’s return but to celebrate one of the best “comeback” albums in recent months. We’re talking about Kyla’s Private Affair.

Private Affair is Kyla’s super fine album that succeeded two consecutive massive disappointments Heartfelt and Heart to Heart. These two albums named after our favorite internal organ not only blurred what kind of artist Kyla really is, but more notably, featured cover songs that are identical with the original versions, just recorded over with Kyla’s vocals.

We cannot blame Kyla for going this route though. Remember, these came at the time when people would only buy acoustic remakes of almost every song, and the measure of album success was set by Nina’s live acoustic set ‘Nina Live’ which sold gazillions earning her the title Diamond Soul Siren, no matter how silly that sounds.

Anyway, back to Private Affair, we feel that this kind of music is what Kyla really likes and where she really shines. Even before the monster explosion of Hanggang Ngayon which catapulted her to multimedia fame, she was open about having the likes of Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald as musical influences. This distinct musical taste, knowledge and identity of hers is obvious especially in tracks featuring a jazzy, throwback feel like in the lead single Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin) and the equally cool Dagli Na Lang.

Kyla’s musical maturity is proven by her jazz influenced tracks but she also shows versatility, spunk and ability to take risks in ‘real’ R&B songs in the album like It’s All About Us and Don’t Tie Me Down, proving her moniker “R&B Princess” wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. More importantly, her tender, soothing style that introduced her to us during the time of her first album “Way to your Heart” is back through tracks like Private Affair and the mesmerizing cover of How Deep Is Your Love (This is how you cover songs, Kyla. Not just buying minus ones and singing over them, ok?)

Kyla is neither a biritera nor a pop rock/acoustic artist and she’s established that really well in her earlier albums (only to be derailed by the Heart duo). But now, Kyla is back, doing what she does best. Nevermind that the album packaging is a little corny and bland compared to her recent works (Really? Photos where she didn’t even seem to move?). Private Affair is one little spark in the local music scene that’s still dominated by karaoke singers pretending to be recording artists.


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