Remember Elise?

PPS finalist Elise Estrada is making a name for herself in Canada.

Elise Estrada is an overachiever. At 23, she has already won several beauty pageants, singing competitions and professional music awards in her country of residence, Canada.

This year, she is set to release her second album under a Canadian music label. Her first album spawned several singles backed by music videos with that professional gloss. Having been nominated at the Juno awards, Canada’s Grammy equivalent, Elise Estrada is a star.

But before she was Canada’s pop star, she was a Pinoy Pop Superstar.

Elise (in green top) in PPS finalists' recording)

Elise competed in Pinoy Pop Superstar (PPS)’ second season, where, of course, she lost. This was during the second year PPS brought in imports from Canada and the US, which was a pointless thing since the poor kids from the west were just thrown into the PPS arena with zero prior screentime and zero fan base. Elise (just like the other US and Canadian Filipinos whom we cannot even remember today) simply had no shot at winning then.

But today, we are happy that Elise is doing what she’s good at and her outputs are spectacular. Check out these samples from her discography:

Elise Estrada on Entertainment Tonight:


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