POP 10: 10 Best TV Themes (PART 2)


We continue our countdown of the most memorable, if not, the best Pinoy TV themes.

5. Di Na Nag-iisa (Darna) – For GMA’s first TV adaptation of Mars Ravelo’s Darna, they needed a theme that will, like the superheroine, soar high. Regine Velasquez lends her voice to this very haunting lyrical and musical masterpiece made for the TV series that helped the network ascend to the top. And the result was magnificent. The song itself gave Darna, the character, a richer story and a personality with more heart.

Best lines: Habang pasan ko ang daigdig, pag-ibig mo’y mananaig, at balang araw tayong dalawa’y magsasama.

4. Starstruck Theme (Starstruck) – During the worldwide reality show boom of the early 2000’s, Starstruck was one of the first to launch a search for multimedia talents in the country. And along with a spectacular first season was this little known theme that’s full of competitive energy, heart-pumping emotions and, like most of its contestants, star quality.

Best lines: Dream! Believe! Survive!

3. Ikaw Nga (Mulawin) – Like Di Na Nag-iisa, this telefantasya theme song was written by Jay Durias. His band South Border interpreted this song in a way that can make you feel like this song is about flying creatures, even if you have no idea what the TV show is about. Yes, the song was that powerful. South Border’s excellent interpretation even made the song one of the few outstanding OPM songs of the new decade.

Best lines: Nais kong ipagtapat sa’yo. Sana’y dinggin mo ang lihim ng pousong ito, kahit na tayo’y magkaibang mundo.

2. Reach Out & Talk To Me (Today with Kris Aquino) – This theme is of international caliber. You can imagine it being a theme song for international talks hows. It is so tailor-fit with the show and the host, and Zsa-Zsa Padilla’s vocals just gives it so much life and energy, and not to mention, class.

Best lines: You can’t hide it, cause we’ll find it. Just reach out and talk to me.

1. Batibot Theme (Batibot) – It’s like Pavlov’s experiment. We hear the first few notes of this song, and whole world stops and we run to the TV. This song has been part of the lives of the kids who have been educated by the television before there was internet. It is a perfect song to perk-up every Pinoy kid’s morning. It is the song perfect for the TV show that raised generations.

Best lines: All the lines from start to finish! We know you know the song!

Other Outsatanding TV Themes worth Mentioning: Superhero by Rocksteddy (Super Inggo), Makita Kang Muli by Sugarfree (Panday), Langit Na Bituin by Carol Banawa (Bituin), Mapagkunwari by Faith Cuneta (Impostora), Valiente by Vic Sotto (Valiente) Cristy Per Minute by Gio Alvarez (Cristy Per Minute), Ober Da Bakod by Andrew E (Ober Da Bakod), Oki Doki Doc by the Cast (Oki Doki Doc), Home Along the Riles by the Cast (Home Along Da Riles), Wansapanataym by Michelle Ayalde (Wansapanataym), Mara Clara (Mara Clara)



  1. wansapanataym ang paborito ko sa lahat. may guhit sa dibdib ang kanta na yan.

    OMg. sign na tumatanda ka na talaga kapag lahat yang kanta dyan alam mo!

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