Why Jovit Won

Jovit Baldivino during his audition.

Pilipinas Got Talent is not a singing competition like Pinoy Dream Academy or Pinoy Idol. It is a type of “anything and everything goes” talent show where your chances of winning or even being noticed is based on your talent’s uniqueness, novelty, difficulty and sometimes, shock value. So why did have a simple vocalist as the first winner of our country’s version of the Got Talent franchise? Here are some points that could explain why Jovit Baldivino, dimsum vendor from Batangas, beat an entire circus cast to be the first PGT grand winner.

  1. The Image-Voice mismatch – This has been a tried and tested recipe for success in audition shows, especially in singing competitions. Remember Clay Aiken from American Idol? Remember Bugoy from PDA? And to give you an example closer to our subject matter, remember Paul Potts and Susan Boyle? They are the ones who possess faces you wouldn’t even think of having such angelic voices. Talking to them is one thing, hearing their singing voice is mind-blowing. The moment Jovit opened his mouth to sing in the auditions, he shattered all our first impressions of him, that just because he looks tiny and frail, his voice would be weak and wobbly too. When we looked at him, our judgmental selves expected him to fail, and when he proved us wrong, he captured our interest, and got us talking about him for days. And that led to…
  2. The post-audition hype – The audition shock he brought caused shockwaves of “Have you seen/heard this guy” talks among those who have seen him and piqued the interest of those who didn’t. Suddenly, he’s getting millions of hits online via this wonderful star-maker (not Kuya Germs) called YouTube. Suddenly, he’s being passed from one facebook wall to another, converting more unbelievers to instant fans –  and Jovit is lucky for his internet savvy fans capable of launching a massive, unintentional, viral campaign. Anyone who has an active social networking account has at least encountered this Jovit guy on his news feed even if he had no idea what Pilipinas Got Talent was. And these fans grew in number and gave him…
  3. A legion of supporters – These supporters are those who went beyond clicking LIKE on his video posts. They are the ones who campaigned for the guy, made efforts to create campaign materials like VOTE JOVIT jpegs and tarpaulin banners. Did you watch the grand finals? They are the ones who drowned Araneta with their echoing cheers, and they’re everywhere – from behind Madam Charo’s seats up to the super super upper upper general admission cold stone bleachers. They are the ones who voted till Jovit got the overwhelming text votes lead. How did Jovit manage to get the support from all these people? Well it helped that he had…
  4. Backstory, backstory, backstory – Any local reality show aspirant must know this by now. You have a fairly normal life? You don’t have family problems? You don’t have heartbreaks and disappointments? Well get the hell out of the audition line because you are gonna get voted off anyway in favor of the one with a more MMK-worthy story? Are you rich? Well stop wasting your time and don’t expect to win, unless of course, you’re a politician’s daughter and you’re joining something called Pinoy Idol. Jovit’s rich backstory made him a kind of underdog that people wanted to win. And it helped that he also had a lot of, Yes Ms. Kris Aquino…
  5. Charisma – He’s likeable because he is this little humble kid with talent. When he’s not singing, he’s meek, quiet, kind of shy and unassuming, but when he performs, it’s like he has this other self who is sure of himself, confident and full of rockstar attitude. And also, like it or not, charisma can make anyone look faultless to his or her supporters (That is why even though his succeeding performances lacked the spark of his initial audition, he was still seen as great). But of couse, all these things from number 1 to 5 will be worthless if he doesn’t have…
  6. Exceptional Talent – It’s raw but it’s there. He knows what songs suit him, he knows how to sing them to his advantage. He is better than most singers, and in competitions like the Got Talent series, if you’re competing as a singer, you must be sure you’re a great one. Otherwise, if you’re just mediocre, you will be forgettable, you’ll be easily overpowered by the other talents, and you’re better off winning contests like, I don’t know, Pinoy Idol?

Anyway, we commend ABS-CBN for a wonderful adaptation of the format. There were a few kinks, and we’ve had minor issues like with how it looked on TV (all the lights and movements could cause seizures!) and how Kris and AiAi’s energy is too much for the respectable Mr. FMG. But over-all they did a great job, especially in searching the whole Philippines for the best of the best.

How about you? Are you happy with how they handled this show? Are you happy with the results? Let’s talk about it in the comments section! Discuss!

P.S. I like how intelligent and well thought of the comments in this blog are, so far. You’re proof that this is more than just a tsismis blog. You guys are the best. Thank you  🙂



  1. Nice analytical exposition of why Jovit won. I definitely agree with your intelligent analysis of the factors leading to Jovit’s victory! But to me, the greatest factor is his amazing golden voice that is a mismatch of his personal background (humility, family, provincial place, poor financial status – these all combined to give his charisma!). If Jovit came from a rich family living in the city, if would definitely be a different story!

  2. I am way too late to enjoy your blog. It worth my time reading it. I was not able to vote for Jovit during the semis because I wasn’t home during that time. I didn’t know he was performing that Saturday. So I made up on it during the Finals with bulk votes. What stunned me most about Jovit was that he miraculously or unbelievably transformed himself from a very shy boy into an extraordinary performer up on stage. I haven’t seen him in person. Until now I do still wish to meet him in person.
    I can’t wait your permission to share it to my favorite fan page of Jovit Baldivino, the JOVIT BALDIVINO INTERNATIONAL (JBI).
    Thanks a lot for posting a great blog. It evident that I’m a normal person for admiring Jovit to the maximum level.

  3. Majority of the members of JBI are living abroad. They are using facebook mobile to visit our page and get updates about Jovit. I apologize for doing this, I have to copy paste your writing so they will be able to read your great blog through my help. Reading stuff about Jovit will unwind them from hard working day specially for those based in Hongkong.
    Thank you so much.

  4. I have admired singers in the past BUT not an avid one.Just listening and watching them on tubes are enough. With Jovit, it was totally a different one because I was really amazed by his powerful voice. He captured my heart because of his humble beginnings but most of all his utmost love for his family, his perseverance and sacrifices just to fulfill his GOAL to help his family have a decent living, provide for the studies of his siblings and of course to to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. In my 57 existence it was my first time to brave the rain just to attend to some of his concerts and mall tours, bought CDs and waited ,fall in line for his signature and shake his hands. Jovit is liked by people across all ages, young and old, rich and poor and my God even my 21 months old APO is an avid fan of Jovit.Let’s just pray and hope that Jovit stays humble , God -fearing, fulfills his dream and most of all pursue his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer.

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