The Redemption of Party Pilipinas

Rachelle Ann Go performs on Party Pilipinas.

Even the skeptics agree – there have been very noticeable improvements in Party Pilipinas in the last two weeks. After its rather shaky beginnings, Party Pilipinas decides to just scrap everything and rebuild from scratch. Quite laughable for a new show to reformat after just a month, but all of us, and I guess even Party Pilipinas stars themselves, know that it is necessary.

In fact, to say it had a ‘shaky start’ is an understatement. During its first few weeks, the poor show endured being everybody’s favorite representation of failure. It was a laughing stock of a show. Saying its title during your conversations with friends will elicit laughter and jeers and it’s ok because it’s a universal feeling. Everybody felt sorry for Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go for their career suicide and as for the others, well, no one cared about the others. These “others” are the ones who’d perform onstage every week, forcing themselves to appear to be in a party mood (and failing miserably) because after all, they’re in the party capital of Asia. (Yeah, right. Stop it with all these titles seriously.)

And then something happened. Party Pilipinas got rid of their ridiculous fake applause. The stage is no longer blindingly bright and we no longer fear being assaulted by technicolored smoke or flying bubbles.  Finally, the show formerly known as SOP learned that some numbers work well even with just one spotlight lighting the performer. And finally, someone might have pointed out that “love-team” song numbers are very GMA Supershow and we must all move on.

Every number now has a concept. Party Pilipinas now ditched the karaoke medley known to SOP fans as back to back to back. Suddenly, all the numbers are relevant. Performers are being asked to perform songs that suit them.  Once again, Kyla can prove to us that birit is not her style. She is more believable in soulful, bluesy and jazzy vocal performances.

Does ASAP XV have reasons to be afraid. Yes, cause Party Pilipinas is stepping up, getting creative musically and visually week after week. Although Party Pilipinas has a lot to catch up on when it comes to star power, their fresher approach to things and sincerity in coming up with quality numbers will carry them along the way. And of course, there is Ms. Go, which is Party Pilipinas’ shining star, at least while Ate Reg is away.

From being the eternal second fiddle to Sarah Geronimo on ASAP, Rachelle Ann claims her own star on Party Pilipinas, doing numbers that are bold, risky, current and relevant. It’s not a surprise why ASAP never gave her this break, giving all the juicy parts to Sarah G. since she’s the greater superstar. But being away from Sarah’s shadows made Rachelle Ann a revelation. She is versatile, she takes risks, she performs, and she can dress and act sexy without us viewers getting uncomfortable (for some reason, when Sarah acts sexy, it’s uncomfortable because she reminds every one of us of our sweet little sisters).

The kind of numbers Rachelle Ann is doing now, could have also salvaged Jolina Magdangal’s career. When she decided to go gaga with her image (no Lady Gaga reference there. Gaga is an acceptable english word), she should have let it all out and never held back. After all, she’s local showbiz’ original queen of quirks. Now, Jolina falters and backpedals, returning to her old kinda boring self. Too bad for her, I think she got affected by the negative press thrown at her. Truth is, she could have used all those things to develop her image as TV’s returning bad girl.

But as of now, the Party Pilipinas is being ruled by the young ones, and the results are great. We will know once Regine and Ogie come back, what will they do with them older ones. My suggestion is to give them – along with Jaya and Janno, less exposure. Treat them as the big stars that they are. When big superstars, say Mariah Carey is part of the show, we don’t expect her to host and appear in every number do we? We just wait and wait for that special rare moment when she comes out and delivers her performance. And then we talk about that single performance the next day.

And so there. While we were happy to lambast Party Pilipinas when it was painful to watch, we are also glad to cheer them on when we see them working hard and doing better. The best part of the reformat is that the stars now seem happy to be doing what they’re doing. Just a little more fine tuning (like lessening the Glee obsession perhaps?) and GMA’s Sunday 12 noon slot will be alive again, and Party Pilipinas will be in its true fighting form.



  1. Kudos to the creativity and drive of their two new young directors Mark Reyes and Rico Gutierrez, and tow thumbs up to their “No Rehearsal, No Performance” policy!

  2. This is so true! I did not expect Party P. to be like that last sunday. The Stage, lights, production numbers, choice of songs, artists attires and their make ups, the additions of solenn, nicolette and alvin as host, and of course the Opening and Closing segments they are all perfect! I felt like I am just clubbing while watching party pilipinas last sunday… It’s now emerged as Feel Good show! 🙂

  3. Party Pilipinas made Asap looks very cheap last sunday! Even Gary Valenciano watched Party Pilipinas at their backstage together with some of Asap’s staff.. Gary V. says WOW.

  4. I was really impressed with Party Pilipinas’s episode last Sunday. It was super! It’s like watching a big concert. I loved everything! Ang ganda ng stage, lighting, makeup, talents! Kaloka. Everyone in our house were in awe. Also, Elmo is so cute!

  5. I am watching Party Pilipinas in their website now and I am quite impressed. They changed directors right? This is really amazing.

  6. You can really appreciate the show now that Rico Gutierez and Mark Reyes are the directors. I am so happy I will NOT see balloons, green shrubs, flowers, curtains shaped into goblets, colored confettis etc…, which made the show look so dated. Louie Ignacio needed to update his craft. It’s his poor taste that made him lose this job. Oh well, now he has all the time.

  7. Party Pilipinas indeed an ASIA PARTY CAPITAL and with their 2 stage every other week, it seems like they are doing weel and every performers sung live!

    And the talents can really do marvelous things which I have not seen during SOP days…

    Congrats to this amazing show! I feel like Im watching an MTV MUSIC AWARDS.

  8. SOP has done marvelous things for your information…the ones handling SOP before were able to to make the show rate…lumaban sa ASAP…but due to drastic changes na gawa ng management nagulo ang mundo ng SOP…in fact, nung nagreformate to SOP FULLY CHARGED hindi na nakabangon lalo sa ratings…at ano man ang ginagawa ng PARTY PILIPINAS ngayon, nagawa na ng SOP before…lahat!!!

    let’s give PARTY PILIPINAS a few more weeks and i bet, reformat na naman ulit yan…

  9. the whole team of party pilipinas gave there all out support to make the show a great success…thanks to all who watched it and for being part of the come back of the REAL CONCERT T.V. of GMA the management, artists, staff and crew..thank you for making it happened..

  10. I noticed that Julianne gets prettier as the Sundays go by. I envy her talents in singing and in playing the piano. She also danced before. Lumelevel. I wish Rufa Mae Quinto can also make a guest appearance and do a segment where she’ll really dance, not pose. Nakaktuwa naman kasi siya. I can’t wait for Miss Regine! I want an upbeat performance from her. Yun parang rampa-rampa while singing! Party talaga na concert.

  11. tama, dapat yung 4 pro singers (Regine, Ogie, Jaya, and Janno) should just give a single, but very stunning, exposure every week.. d na rin dapat sila naghohost (Just like ZsaZsa sa ASAP).. they all deserve to be treated as pioneers of sunday musical show.

  12. I totally agree with a comment here. It does look like an MTV Music Awards show. The glossy stage, the production numbers, the fashion styles of the performers and the cool lighting. It’s about time our country shines in television value and catch up with our Asian neighbors. We have been behind Singapore and Malaysia when it comes to elegance in television specials. Party Pilipinas last Sunday definitely gives us hope to be at par with the world.

  13. please enough of Janno already! he looks so dated. sings so dated and his spiels are so 80’s. can someone tell him that his hair looks like a congressman’s wig? if gma wants to elevate itself, then they should get rid of ‘stars’ like Janno who doesnt look like he even rehearsed last sunday. unlike the young bloods who made their segments stand out. congrats pa din PP!!

    • Bwahaha!! Tama ka jan. Janno never moved on! sobrang nakakasawa na. Bakit pa kasi pinipilit pang buyahin and laos.

  14. I was told Regine will be back this Sunday. Of course, Ogie will be there also (I saw him in Noybi’s proclamation). I can’t wait for what they will do as their numbers.

  15. I’m always looking forward to see Rachelle Ann Go & Julie Anne San Jose.. I also like to see Ryza Cenon & Jhake Vargas in Party Pilipinas.. I’m a fan of them ever since the first time I saw them.. I notice that Rachelle Ann & Julie Anne’s performances level up week after week.. Love their voice..

  16. i believe that last sunday, PP did a great job. and i have to agree that sarah is being given the special treatment that is why rachelle left the show. rachelle would only be given the best if sarah is not around, i love rachelle more than sarah. rachelle is more bankable, she’s sexy and wholesome at the same time. =) i still love ASAP more, but if i were to suggest something for PP, i guess they must improve their way of hosting… less unknown or not-so-familiar faces will be better, focus on the talent, stars’ get-up and songs must be updated as well. since they have rico robles and gino quillamor (rx djs), they could help the show with the new songs that stars should sing. PP should also focus on rachelle’s numbers, let shin show her full potential so that people could see who has the real talent and that abs was wrong of always giving sarah the favor.

  17. To carla and bea for your info wala lang mapanood ang tao before at wala silang choice kaya pinag tyagaan ang SOP and kung ASAP ang medium of comparison malamang ratings were high enough according to your standards. But sorry guys meron ng directors na excellent ang taste and updated plus we have new and young talents and syempre mas creative na staff and crew. So dapat you should train and study more dahlings but you’ve got to have superior taste as well.

  18. . . yeah! rachelle ann go performed last sunday very nice! makikita talaga natin na she is a great performer! right guyz?? pp is really improving! god bless!

  19. hay naku kahit anung sabhn ng gma ASAP BITTER FANS..WLANG WLA TLGA ANG ASAPA XXX compare sa WORLD CLASS NA PP LAST SUNDAY..hello ILABAS NYO NA sila MELAI ALING DIONISIA AT POKWANG pra mag rate yang asapa nyo^^ UN LNG TNX^^

  20. cudnt have enuf of the RACHEL ANN GO prod. number at PARTY PILIPINAS, last sunday..twas awesome..still feel goosebumps watching it..and almost the entire show, twas superbly entertaining..

  21. Party Pilipinas is really back! (I mean, GMA is back!) After all, Direk Louie Ignacio’s resignation and the newly reformatted show gave them a new hope. Rachel Ann is really great!

  22. I agree with most of the comments here that PP has improved greatly. But am I the only who noticed how annoying those camera panning/angling were? Nakakahilo. Yung crush kong si Rocco di ko makita ng maayos. Anoba.

  23. PARTY PILIPINAS is indeed a revelation! masyado kasing minaliit ng mga ASAP XXX fans ehhh, kaya ngaun nakakarma na sila, paganda ng paganda ang PP!

    Sa mga Fans ni Rachelle na kapamilya, please wag nyo ng siraan si Rachelle sa mga kapuso! kahit anung gawin nyo di makakabalik ng basta2 si shin sa Dos! and besides mas ok na nasa GMA sya, para wala na sa anino ni Sarah!!!! RACHELLE ANN GO PROUD TO BE KAPUSO!!!!!


  24. taAmA!!!hahaha gO pArty piLipinAs..tAOb n ASAP :)))
    mgA kpmiLyA jAn wtch n din kAu.. 🙂
    mgeenjOy kAu..prOmise.. hahaha

  25. I agree with this article!
    I’m pure european watching filipino artists because they are really fresh, fascinating and true. luckily lipsync is very rare.
    not only charice but some of the PP artists will pull international eyes on filipino culture.
    young generation from ex-sugarpops to rachelle, are born with the key to the world. they can do so much more if get opportunity.

    make change the only thing permanent.
    this revamping was exciting, and should happen again every after some months.

    artists should host and design parts of their segment themselves.

    the older ones are probably cam-addiks but that’s embarrassing. make them gems again.

    beware of scripted catastrophe and intrigue.
    keep real conflicts decent. then you are better than hollywood. I so despise all these fights and scandals. it is terrifying to see them hit real lives, think about one year in the past..
    GMA7 is kind of hogwarts. proven dangers, the good and the bad very close. just read the igma front page.
    ASAP conflicts seemed more real and personal, like is life. but less frequently, less political, less terrifying. I liked that better.
    better shine with quality in work and discussion, not with scandal.
    still I’m happy rachelle found a place where she can fulfill her talents.

  26. Party Pilipinas did a very great job since May 30, every production number was exciting. I’m looking forward for more wonderful numbers. What was very remarkable to me was the teaser plug for the Independence Day Special of Party Pilipinas!!! It was soooooooooooooooooo good that I would not miss to watch it on Sunday. Comparing the 2 directors, I think Mark Reyes is better when it comes to conceptualizing the numbers, it’s like he’s been doing his homework. While Rico Gutierrez’ idea is just a repetition of GMA’s One Earth Special, I just hope he will do better next time.
    Amidst all that, I have to say Party Pilipinas is getting better. I hope it will continue to prosper. More power Party Pilipinas!

    • Really? Was there a hologram in One Earth? A suspended singer in mid air ? And a live dance paying tribute to a music video in daft punk na split screen shown live? The glam girls with the classiest segment with a set? Anong repetition dun? Eh kung stage lang basehan mo, walang laman comment mo. Repetition nga yung pag gamit ng suspended singers sa opening ni mark reyes sa ginawa ni rico eh. Mag-cocomment ka lang sablay pa. Kung sincere ka talaga sa More power Party Pilipinas, eh tanggapin mo ng walang bitterness na conceptual ginawa ni rico kahit hindi siya manok mo. At wag sumama loob mo na ang write up ng blog na ito ay dahil sa June 6 segment na ginawa ni rico. Yun lang. halata ka din kasi eh.

    • i agree with you Omir.
      Direk Mark is better than the other director when it comes to conceptualizing the production numbers.

      Direk Mark’s Independence Day Special is the best episode so far of PP!

  27. I have to admit that PARTY PILIPINAS has improved alot, obviously! since the show started, they never fail to amaze me… CONGRATULATIONS PARTY PILIPINAS! I cant wait for this sunday because REGINE is back!!!! watch out ASAP!!!

  28. wow.. ang galing ng writer,, ang professional ng pagkasabi sa lahat ng paragraphs.. wow wow wow.. and agree ako sayu, she is versatile and very talented pah.. i believe in Rachelle Ann’s talent..thats why im a big fan of her.. writer,, your awesome =]

  29. PP is getting better and better! This show makes ASAP so cheap, i think ASAP should also do a revamp like what SOP did.

    IMHO, Direk Mark Reyes is better when it comes to production numbers. Direk Rico’s stage is bigger and better though.

    Everything in PP is amazing. I watched ASAP last Sunday and i was about to puke out when Melai, Zsazsa, Kim Chiu, a transexual and other starlets danced and sung Beyonce’s Single Ladies. So outdated, so cheap, so pang-barrio, they should revamp ASAP now.

  30. guys, next week june 20, PP will be in 3d format,,i’m so excited..i’ll be making my own 3d glasses…this will be the very first time in philippine tv history,,,

  31. I think this show is a good one. I need to see more of their talents. Rocco’s crumping is HOT! That girl Julliane sings well. Keep up the good work Partypilipinas!

  32. to party pilipinas, give rachelle ann the trust to sing and act i know she can do better and perform better as well more than sarah g. can do. and it is true that when she was in abs i’ve notice limitado ang galaw ni rachelle ann go, siguro dahil takot masapawan. pero ngaun na nasa pary pilipinas na si rachelle ann siguro maipapakita na nya ang lahat ng talento nya both in singing and acting, i see her act in DIVA with carlo aquino, and shes ok in acting, maybe hindi lang xa nabigyan ng pagkakataon nung nasa abscbn p xa dahil anino lang xa ni sarah G.

    To rachelle Ann: Idol na idol kita. sana hindi ka kumupas sa mga performance mo, at ipakita mo sa abscbn na kaya mong tapatan si sarah g. sa lahat. tingnan ko lang kng hindi xa manginig!!!!! GO GO GO SHIN!!!

  33. LOL!! Natatawa ako dito! Nagsama – sama mga SOP fans which is PINATAOB NG ASAP! Go cge lang jan kayo masaya! Hahaha

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