POP 10: 10 Best TV Themes (PART 1)

Wikipedia has a list of Philippine drama series titles. Read through it and count how many of them were named after songs. Quite a lot, right? Especially among the recent ones. But there was a time when they usually do it in reverse. They make the show first, and then compose an original theme song for it.

For this edition of the POP 10, we list down the most memorable, if not the best original theme songs created for Philippine TV shows.

10. Sineskwela Theme (Sineskwela) – Written by Ryan Cayabyab for a show that aims to make science more fun and entertaining for elementary kids, the tune is now a familiar one to the minds of kids who grew up to ABS-CBN’s first attempt at educational TV. There’s a certain rythm in the music and lyrics that makes the song just so memorable.

Best lines: Tayo na sa Sineskwela, tuklasin natin ang siyensiya. Buksan ang pag-iisip. Tayo’y likas na scientists.

9. Search for the Star in a Million (Search for the Star In A Million) – When ABS-CBN and VIVA TV combined their respective flagship talent searches into one, so did their official themes. The Star in a Million ballad (by Zsazsa Padilla) and the less known Search for a Star song (by Regine Velasquez) was cleverly put together and became this much younger and energetic number (sung by Erik Santos, Sarah Geronimo, Christian and Mark Bautista), much more suited for a music talent show.

Best lines: I’ll be the very best. I’m the champion. You can find in the search for the star in a million.

8. Pinoy Ako (Pinoy Big Brother) – Orange & Lemons was already making good music with their distinct sound even before they made this song for the local Big Brother franchise, but it was Pinoy Ako that gave them mass popularity. Plagiarism accusations-aside, this theme song, at one point (the Manila Southeast Asian Games, for example) has become the nation’s unofficial theme song.

Best lines: Ibang-iba ang Pinoy. ‘Wag kang matatakot. Pinoy ako, Pinoy tayo.

7. Eat Bulaga (Eat Bulaga) – No introduction necessary. The Eat Bulaga TV theme, no doubt, is already part of our lives. Who doesn’t know a line or two from it by heart? The song is able to withstand time, by doing a few tweaks here and there (most notable is the evolving line – Sina Tito, Vic & Joey, [insert line about other hosts here] and the changing of Aparri to Batanes to include our friends up there).

Best Lines: Isang libo’t isang tuwa, buong bansa, Eat Bulaga!

6. Oka Tokat (Oka Tokat) – We always love novelty and originality. Back then it was a rarity to have a rock band sing a theme song for a TV show. But then Parokya ni Edgar came up with this quirky and contemporary song for a TV horror series and others followed their lead soon after.

Best lines: Gusto kong sumigaw, gusto kong tumakbong palayo! Hoy!

This is just the first half of our countdown. For the next half, you’ll see the TV themes of a very popular morning talk show, a pioneering reality show, a telefantasya, a fantaserye, and the CLASSIC TV program that’s probably one of Philippine TV’s bests.

Any guesses? Or do you have favorite TV themes that should be in this list? Mara Clara? Agila? Valiente? Ober Da Bakod? Home Along Da Riles? Feel free to discuss in the comments section!

Read second part HERE.



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